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One of the best things you can do to increase your traffic to your website is by actually using search engine optimisation. In London you can find experts to do SEO for you business, but the honest truth is that there isnt that many good seo consultants in london.

finding an seo expert london consultant is as simple as typing your city and the word SEO after into the google search engines.

The next step is the things i mention below. For example of you were a rhinoplasty surgeon and you were looking for an SEO who has experience with cosmetic surgery you would type in google “Cosmetic Surgeon Seo”

Also quickly watch this video below to understand seo aswell.

a general understanding of SEO can be found at wikipedia.

So what makes a good SEO?

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1. A thorough audit of your website

Not all websites have the same metrics. Your site is likely to be much different in terms of backlinks to other websites. Your SEO expert should check your onpage SEO firstly. He should check if you have enough content on your website. He/she should then take a look at your backlinks and the health of your site in the serps.

After this any decent seo company london should be easily be able to tell you what needs to be done to achieve rankings for your website. Follow the steps in Picking an seo expert london.

2. An SEO who has proof

Listen this ones pretty simple, if your SEO person or agency doesn’t have evidence of websites already ranking in the Google serps then you have a big problem on your hand. Why would you trust your SEO to someone who has never ranked a website in Google before?

This makes absolutely no logical sense, so make sure your SEO person actually has evidence before you hire them. best seo services london – vertical rank are a great search engine maketing company.

3. Your SEO person can tell you exactly what you need

If your SEO person is beating around the bush when you ask how they are going to rank your website then this is key evidence that they are not an expert. Any thin to do with SEO, the person you should be able to answer after your site audit. Look out for words like “im not to sure” or “i think”. This is an obvious person that doesn’t know exactly what they are doing.

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Does your SEO person know how to convert traffic into sales or leads? Although you may already have a brief understanding of conversions, having someone that is an expert in conversions can be extremely important. Sadiq Sarumi SEO expert Conversions are very very important. What is the point of having all the traffic in the world if you cant get that traffic to convert.

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